Emissaries of Divine Light InternationalEmissaries of Divine Light International

Eternal Creative Laws and Principles

Sanctuary GardenUranda and Martin Exeter, who were the foundational leaders of Emissaries of Divine Light, brought an understanding of eternal creative laws and principles that restore wholeness to human experience. Their teachings resonate with the truth brought by visionaries and spiritual leaders through the ages. The essence of what they taught is full of great possibility for the future of humanity.

Uranda and Martin Exeter presented the core of what they taught in simple and straightforward expressions of the truth. They expanded that core understanding in a comprehensive way to cover virtually every facet of human function.

They spoke in terms that were natural to them, the people who were with them, and the culture of the day. Some of the language used may seem out of date but the essential truth that they brought is just as applicable now as it was then.

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