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Becoming a Sun


It is your human destiny to become a sun. The world needs your warmth, the world needs your light, the world needs your gravity. The world needs the orientation that you can offer, just as the sun has been a point of orientation for travelers down through the ages.

The world needs you to be a sun. This is a poetic statement, but it is also a statement of truth. The people in our lives and the world at large are looking for a source of warmth, and a source of light to illuminate the world so that they can see. The world is looking for a kind of gravity that will bring it together and hold it together. And certainly the world is looking for some point of orientation in consciousness by which it may set its course.

This experience of becoming a sun is emerging in human consciousness in these days. This is a profound step in our development as a species. Most people don’t see it happening. They may feel the impact of increased warmth and light being shone by spiritually awake human beings. But because their awareness is centered at a level that is below the level of the sun that is constellating, they don’t see or understand what is happening. Until they face the source of heat and light within themselves, the sun that we are becoming is heating up their current experience and shining a light on it.

There are powerful, inexorable forces of Creation at work within humankind that we experience as an internal creative urge. That urge is often ignored and resisted. It is painful to resist your own urge to become a sun.

The study of the formation of the sun of our solar system is fascinating. What is even more fascinating is that the very same principles and processes that created the sun are involved in what is transpiring in our human experience.

It was gravity that drew gas and dust together to form the sun. And it was gravity that caused molecules to spin and collapse in upon themselves.

Gravity is an attractive force that brings great compression, and with compression there is heat. This process continued until the temperature at the core of the sun reached several million degrees, and the core of the sun became a fusion reactor. Hydrogen atoms on the sun are attracted to the sun’s core by the very powerful forces of gravity. There they collide under the compression and heat created by the gravitational pull.

Under normal circumstances, the forces of magnetic repulsion between atoms prevents them from fusing. But under the tremendous gravity of the sun, hydrogen atoms fuse to become helium. In the process of that fusion, the radiation of the sun is released.

That radiation comes to us as warmth and as light. And due to the great mass of the sun, there is gravity, too, which keeps the earth in its orbit.

Does any of that sound familiar related to your human experience? We are being drawn together as human beings at the level of consciousness by a powerfully attractive energy—Universal Love. Wherever there is a conscious human being, what they are conscious of is the sun that they are and the sun that we as humanity are becoming. They are attracted to the molten core of that sun that is forming within themselves and within humankind.

As the sun forms in human consciousness, it gains tremendous gravity. That gravity attracts the substance of consciousness in the body of humanity. It attracts thoughts and feelings that are resonant with the sun that is forming. The more that consciousness within the body of humanity comes together as one, the more gravity there is.

My experience is that we are a little bit like the hydrogen atom. If there’s not enough gravity and heat to overcome our resistance to fusion, as we come together we collide. That is what happens to hydrogen normally, when it has not been drawn to the core of the physical sun.

Any collisions going on in your life? Do you observe any people colliding? That’s happening because there is an attractive power among the people involved, yet not enough heat to overcome the forces that keep them apart. So the resistance prevents fusion. It is natural for us to be in a fusion process, but it won’t happen if we don’t allow our humanity to be attracted to our core so that fusion can be powered by the energy that is present there.

There is a larger reality of who we are that’s not changing. But in the process of fusion, our human experience is transmuted so that the forces that separate are overcome, and we light up as a sun and fulfill our role as an illumined point of consciousness in the world.

If you are involved in this process on a conscious basis, you get a front-row seat to the experience. You see what happens when you’re attracted to something grand and great and beautiful. You have the experience of becoming more and more conscious, more creative, more loving, more full of light. And then you get to see your own resistance to that process and your own fear of burning.

There is a purpose to the outer form of what we’re doing in life. And yet it is interesting to find that our life destiny is drawn into a process that transmutes our human form into something beyond the usual human experience. We transmute, through a process of fusion, into another level of being. And that looks scary—it looks like we’re losing something. The outer form of our current life has a purpose, and we do our best to be as excellent as possible in the forms that we create, knowing that they are transmuting.

After a service hour like this or after publishing something, I sometimes have people write to me or speak to me and say, “I really like those words.” Or “I didn’t really like what you said.” Or “I thought that was really significant, but you know, yesterday what you said wasn’t so significant.” That discussion is interesting, and it’s all a learning process, for me. And yet behind it all, I have this question: Did you ignite? Did you combust? Did you burn? Did you become illuminated? That’s the point of the exercise of sharing something of a spiritual nature. It is for me. I trust it is for you too. It’s not how well we did or didn’t do, or what we think about the forms around us. In all of our life, did we light up? Did we ignite from within?

It seems to be so easy for us, as human beings, to walk through life with dysfunctional patterns; and just when we approach the point at which they could really change and transmute, so that our life could reconfigure at a new level of consciousness, we walk away from the attractive gravity that is bringing us into the center of our Being. And we walk away from the heat and pressure that is the transforming power that is at our core.

It’s interesting that the atoms on the sun have to travel into the core of the sun to fuse. The same is true for us. We don’t transform and fuse on the periphery of our life, paying attention to all the details, which are important, but nonetheless not central. Our combustion happens at the core of our Being. When we allow ourselves to feel the gravity of that core and respond to that gravity, we’re drawn into our core like those atoms on the sun. We’re drawn into our own transforming power, and our own creativity. We’re drawn into the blaze of light that is at the core of who we are.

Unlike what we know of those hydrogen atoms of the sun, this process is not initiated at a physical level for us as human beings. It is happening through consciousness. Maybe those happy little hydrogen atoms are conscious and they’re just choosing to move to the center of the sun at every step along the way. But we are definitely conscious, and we apparently have a conscious choice around what’s happening for us as human beings. So we can feel the drawing, attractive power of our core. We can sense the nearness of the fusion that will change us. In the middle of all that, we can hold on to “our teacup talk of God and all the things that make us unhappy on a sunny day,” as Hafiz speaks of it. Sensing the nearness of our own transmutation, our resistance may rise.

Because of what is happening through consciousness, we have a conscious choice. It is a temporary dysfunction of our species that we have the ability to resist the fusion that will save us. The core of the sun within humankind is growing, and all of humankind is within the tractor beam of the gravitational force that’s building as that core grows. Do we really think that we’re going to be able to resist that gravity forever as a race?

In the end, God wins. Creativity wins. And while there can be in us the same kind of resistance that there is amongst hydrogen atoms on the sun, ultimately those hydrogen atoms are getting pulled into the core and they’re fusing. And the same is true for us as human beings. We’re not getting out of this unchanged as humanity. We are being changed.

Part of the change that’s happening is that we’re waking up to the reality that we are that tremendous power, that sun that is doing the changing. It doesn’t seem that way initially. It seems like it is something that is happening to us that we could resist or we could be in favor of, or perhaps even be instrumental in making happen. As human beings, we can play a part. But the origination of it all is from a place that’s higher than who we’ve thought ourselves to be. And yet we’re opening to that higher place.

Love is the power of Creation. It is the power of the sun, the power in all things. And it constellates in our human experience.

There are ranges of love that we experience as human beings, and they’re all relevant and potentially all wonderful. And yet, if they’re not all together and all happening, and if the highest love, the supreme love that is the power of the sun within us, is not operative through all the other layers of human love, we know that all the other layers can go terribly wrong in the human experience.

I am in favor of eros. How about you? Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life? Erotic love—it’s beautiful and crazy and wildly creative and wonderful, and potentially horribly destructive in the human experience. And how about romantic love? Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life? It’s love of a partner, so it is that, but it is the very romance of life, the very adventure of life, the beauty of life, the romance of being a human being and living in nature. Who wouldn’t want more of that? And yet romance goes to soap opera so quickly if it’s not held in a higher love. It becomes “me and mine” love. And that degenerates and then leads to tremendous unhappiness and expectation.

There’s philia, love of our fellow man and woman, and a desire to be of service. So laudable, and yet without a higher love philia becomes enabling love, does it not? We try to help another person, but if we can’t help them to touch the love of Creation in themselves, we’re not really helping them very much, or ourselves.

There is a supreme love. This is the ultimate power of love that is the gravity that brings everything together. That supreme love is at the core of the sun, and it’s at the core of us.

If we could draw a diagram of the place where that supreme love lives in us, perhaps we could relate to it more easily. But even though it comes to focus in our physical heart and in our pineal gland, it is not a physical place per se. Love comes to focus in our body in all kinds of wonderful ways, and we feel it. But ultimately it’s not a physical place.

It is not a geographical place, even though it can be present in a place. I can invite people to Sunrise Ranch, where I live. People do feel the supreme love when they come here. But it won’t last if they can’t find the supreme love within themselves.

The supreme love is at the center of everything. But for us, as human beings, it is present within consciousness. How do you find that place in yourself? And how does it become so real to you that you rely on it, you turn to it, you respond to it, you move toward it, you come to that core in yourself where you combust and you burn, and you’re renewed, and you light up?

The only answer I know is to see and acknowledge all the ways the supreme love is showing up in your awareness. Embrace that. Move into it. Know it. And don’t be afraid to let your old experience burn up.

The world needs your warmth, the world needs your light, the world needs your gravity. It is your human destiny to become a sun.

David Karchere

January 12th, 2017
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3 Responses to “Becoming a Sun”

  1. Andrew Horwood Says:

    The power that is needed in this day, by us individually and by humanity as a whole, is only available through the experience of fusion. As the words in this POS were being prepared for distribution, I’ve been at Riverdell for meetings of our Spiritual Leadership Committee. It was wonderful to being in this group having the experience of both personal and collective fusion as we considered the agenda.

    Each one was feeling the energy of fusion in the body. Most of that was uncomfortable. And yet there was also the awareness that something rightful is occurring and the best thing to do is stick with this. This is the fusion resulting from laying our lives on the altar of the Most High, meeting each other face to face and bringing the transforming power of Spirit into the world. It was beautiful to be part of this happening not just for me but for the four of us as a group, allowing the presence of a fusion reactor to appear amongst us.

    My life is dedicated to becoming a sun evermore.

  2. Anne-LIse Bure Says:

    We are dissolving the temporary dysfunctional patterns by expressing the awesome power of fusion. We are ignited, have the resilience, power and care necessary for the demonstration of this.

    I am glad to be an emissary of the Solar Sphere, going beyond the so-called ‘normal’ patterns known in our world and joining others in this unified radiant core.

  3. Jane Brown Says:

    “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own Being,” Hafiz

    “Only you can conceptualize the light of your being. How deeply do you love the sunbeams? How do you open to them in each moment? Speak softly, no fears of yesteryears, open the doorways to new learning, cosmic symbols, cellular healing, devotional light.
    Bathe in light, stay in love, integrate love…see and feel it in new ways. Love creates new forms of creation.
    Peacefully, Jane Rosalea Brown from a meditation Jan.19.2016

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