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Seven Foundational Truths


You are Divine.

We embrace the truth of our Being, knowing we are an individualized aspect of the Creator, incarnate in human form.

You become what you love.

Through our love response to the source of all Being, we play our part with the One Law of Creation, which is the law of cause and effect, and so we become one with Source and a creator of a new day for humankind.

In all things, give thanks.

Our gratitude for the gift of life, and all that comes with it, allows us to let go of the old human story, which revolves around victimhood, and enter the sacredness of Creation.

Wisdom is the active knowing of the One who knows.

When our human mind stops trying to dominate the world according to its own self-serving purposes, and opens to the pattern of Creation, it becomes a conscious instrument of the Creator.

What the world needs most from you is for you to be a sun.

Just as the sun is the center of the solar system, we, as human beings, are destined to become a center of warmth, light and gravity for our world.

You know what you express.

Each of us possesses profound gifts and talents that are unique to us. When they are given, our world thrives and we are fulfilled. If those gifts and talents are not given, our world withers and we live in misery.

Let love radiate without concern for results.

When we open to the flow of Universal Love through our emotional body, and offer it unconditionally to the world, we become a transparent connection to the Divine.

David Karchere

November 30th, 2016
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2 Responses to “Seven Foundational Truths”

  1. Andrew Horwood Says:

    I deeply appreciate these 7 statements of power, of truth, which, when lived into, shape a person’s life in a completely new direction. That direction leads, as you say, out of victimhood and into fulfilment and joy.

    I’ve created an overlapping list with the desire to assist those awakening to see more clearly the steps toward union. Here they are:

    • Your life has purpose. You are unique and here by design to fulfil your unique undertaking, your mission
    • You are a spark of Life- a spark of the Divine. You are made by the same creative force that fashioned the universe and you have creativity imbedded in you
    • As you grow, you can remember that you are that spark. You can reactivate your remembrance of your true identity.
    • Your body, mind and heart are designed to express who you are. This is your equipment, your earthsuit, beautifully designed for creative purposes.
    • Experience is more important than belief. You’ve been learning this way since you were born. It serves you well.
    • Your life unfolds gracefully as you learn how Life works. Aligning with Life’s creative design makes your living easy.
    • You remember who you are more easily when you’re with others doing likewise. This is the power of a group.
    • As you remember, you’ll realise your life has an even higher purpose – your calling to be of service to mankind.

  2. Anne-Lise Bure Says:

    Dear David, I love the power of One Voice differentiated in so many, this morning, this evening on the international call – as of a trumpet, may human beings hear it !

    May we fill all the forms in our lives with this powerful current of Love and transform the world in ways unimaginable – and what’s amazing about that – it is already occurring !

    Thank you for your Love and radiant Service inspiring me and so many others to express all that is possible in the moments to come.

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